Ms. Tami Jeral

CAP 9 Drama is both a laboratory and academic class in which students develop the skills and experience to engage in every facet of the theater and performance world. As a classroom community, CAP Drama promotes self-confidence and effective communication which contribute to success in any arena, on and off stage. In addition, the class fosters creative interpretation of texts, constructive critiquing, and original playwriting. Throughout the year, students hone their skills as actors, directors, producers, playwrights and informed audience members. They learn to be critical thinkers, to evaluate old and new performance styles, to articulate their own aesthetic, and to consider ways in which the performance world is impacted by, and contributes to, societal trends and values. CAP Drama culminates with the Inspirations Original Play Project in which students create and perform ten minute plays about a topic or social issue of choice.

Course Taught

CAP Drama/Oral Interpretation


MAT English and BA English/Theater - The State University of New York at Binghamton. Studio Acting Training- Bova Actors’ Studio, Michael Howard Studio, Movement Research, New York City.

Other Certifications

Advanced Professional Certificate in Theater-MCPS