Ms. Sarah Fillman

My love for philosophy, psychology, human development, and sociology often spills over into my lessons in English class. Whether it be analyzing how the Party controls its citizens in Oceania or developing a strong character arch in the short story unit, one important take away from English 10 is understanding, analyzing, and eventually capturing the human condition in literature. Beyond learning the intricacies of rhetoric, students also learn the art of communicating through advertising, oral delivery and body language, as well as visuals. I believe that critical thinking happens best when students are allowed to be creative and autonomous.

Course Taught

CAP English 10


BA in English from Washington Adventist University; MA in Human Development from University of Maryland, College Park

Other Certifications

National Board Certified Teacher; Career Lattice Lead Teacher; OAT I & II


Published in Dr. John Guthrie's Engaging Adolescent Readers in 2008