A Brief Program History

Established in 1988 at Montgomery Blair High School to provide students with the opportunity to strengthen their skills in the humanities and media fields, the CAP has drawn students from around the county to participate in its four-year interdisciplinary program. Offering unique courses in a wide variety of communication media taught by experienced instructors, the CAP involves students in a creative program which encourages them to become active not only in the Blair community, but the vast world beyond.

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College Destinations

The following links lead to documents containing senior college destinations.

2017 College Destinations

2015 College Destinations

2014 College Destinations

2013 College Destinations

2012 College Destinations

National Merit Scholarship Competition

The following students are finalists and semifinalists in the National Merit Scholarship Competition.

2015 National Merit Scholarship recipients: Andrea Brown, Brianna Forte, Ben Safford

2015 National Achievement Scholarship recipients: Landon Harris

2014 National Merit Scholarship recipient: Adela Armstrong-Spielberg

2014 National Merit Achievement Scholarship recipient: Paris Parker-Loan

2013 National Merit Scholarship recipients: Thomas Gaddy, Langston Taylor, Sarah Wilson

2013 National Achievement Scholarship recipients: Mimi Verdonk, Langston Taylor, Maya Davis

2012 National Merit Scholarship recipient: Laurel Brown

2011 National Merit Scholarship recipients: Jewel Galbraith, Casey Goldvale, Eli Okun, Natalie Rutsch, Jennifer Sholar